My meeting with the manul family

I finally went to Nordens Ark to meet the manuls, and guess what? They had KITTENS!!! OMG!!! (Sussi took most of the kitten pictures. I will also upload a short video in a while.)



4 responses to “My meeting with the manul family

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  2. What great news!! :-))

    Thanks a lot for your report and for all the lovely pictures! … and now I am eagerly waiting for the video ;-))

  3. I posted the great news also in our Russian community:

    (I hope that it is OK that I posted two of your photos there. If not. then please let me know, and I’ll remove them from there immediately)

  4. No problem at all! Glad to spread some good news. I heard from a zoo keeper that they were extra careful with the kittens this time, because the last time they had kittens, they didn’t survive, presumably due to stress, so this time they’re waiting until they are 8 weeks old to even enter their area.

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