I’m into “art”, by which I mean “expressing non-mundane ideas through words, sounds and images”. I love doing it and I love when other people do it in a way I can appreciate. I would like to spend more time doing it, but right now, I need to do many other things.

I have been making music for the past 20 years or so. Much more about that, including links, actual music and stuff, in the MUSIC VAULT.

These days, I’m also into video and still photography, by which I mean: I really like fiddling around with it, for artistic purposes, but I have no technical skills whatsoever. You can find some of that stuff under VIDEO (coming soon) and PICTURES.

Any new stuff inserted as separate posts will be tagged ALL ART and show up in that blog category.

Sometimes, I like to be grumpy, sit on a shelf and hiss and growl at stuff. For that, there is the ANGRY MANUL category.