Music Vault

So, I’ve been making music for some time, with various people. Here’s some of that, in some kind of chronological order.

I was part of a band called Skomm from 1998-2006. Behold our ancient website. It carries on without me, now. I think we were ahead of our time.

In 2003 I bought a reasonably modern computer and started making strange music under the moniker iRod, inspired by experimental electronica, DJ Shadow, old country blues, Thelonoius Monk, Adult Swim cartoons  and whatever else I was into at the time. I played a few very odd live sets for very small audiences, and completed a kind of concept album and an EP (none of which were officially released). Check out Irod’s Mystery Jukebox for all kinds of strange sounds from 2003-2007 or so. It features actual songs, but also various instrumentals, rehearsal outtakes and just random stuff I can’t even remember recording. I think I was ahead of my time.

In 2006, I teamed up with wonderful vocalist Alva Dahl and formed Fields of Grain. She wrote the lyrics and song lines and sang, and I did the rest. We put together 3 EP’s, played a few gigs in front of a few people and went through various musical transformations before we kind of ran out of steam in 2010 or so. We never officially quit, but don’t expect us to return anytime soon. I think we were certainly ahead of our time. Anyway,  here are some of our finest moments:

Meanwhile, I also teamed up with the extremely talented electropop duo Small Feral Token and had the privilege of not only playing a few gigs with them, but also co-producing, recording, performing on and mixing their debut album, Digipop, for Mondo Nuevo Records, in 2008. This is the only commercially released album I have produced/mixed, and I’m very proud to have been part of it. It is a great collection of wildly different pop songs. A veritable Sgt. Pepper, if you want my opinion. I can say that, because I didn’t write any of the songs. Of course, it was way ahead of its time. Probably still is.

I’ve also been involved in various collaborations with bands/artists as diverse as Rigael DamarNapoleon, Ecovillage and Hold Your Horses, Bob (don’t blame me if the links don’t work!) and, believe it or not, a short-lived kind of jazz trio consisting of two incredible musicians and one noob (me) called Sarcasticos.

I have played the role of studio technician, percussionist, laptop geek, producer, babysitter, session bass player and what have you. By now, you will have guessed that I am a dilettante by nature.

In my last two live shows (possibly ever), I combined video and music, and called myself Stendhalsyndromet.

Nowadays, I make music sporadically under the moniker Marstrand. Every now and then I make an album. You can find them on my Bandcamp page.

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