Hello. I’m a bad-tempered Siberian feline. Ok, maybe not. But I often feel like one.

This site was created to feature information about my language services (translation, subtitling, editing and writing).

I’m currently employed full-time as managing editor for The Epoch Times Swedish edition, and thus this site is not being updated.

Still, i might have to pick it up again in the future, so for now I’ll let it remain.

Check out SPRÅKTJÄNSTERSince my language services are mostly of interest to Swedes, those pages are in Swedish, but there is also a brief summary in English, if anyone outside of Sweden would be interested.

You can find my attempts at art (music, words and images),  under ART. They are international in nature, so that section is in English.

ELSEWHERE is where you go for links  to other websites related to my work or interests.

Finally, as you may have noticed, this page is also my tribute to the utterly awesome manul, or pallas cat. The manul images  in the headers are used with the kind permission of Anton Baskov, who holds the copyright. He would like you to check out

Headers and background by Mickis Perman.